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Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

Below the line is a thought-provoking video from The Citizens Party. It is in 3 parts. I recommend part 1 which discusses the real possibility of repurposing the Clean Energy Fund into something far more useful; a National Investment Bank.  The impression I get is that having a National Investment Bank funding irrigation projects similar to that of the Snowy Mountains  Scheme is a very good idea. That is in Part 1, which runs for the first 10 minutes. What do you think?

Part 2 discusses a particular scheme; the Hells Gate Dam scheme, otherwise known as the Bradfield scheme. which was first touted in the ‘1930s to ’40s. Craig and Jeremy do mention the existence of other irrigation schemes. I am aware of the Bosmin plan where the detailed plans have been submitted to the PM.  As an interested citizen I think, let the best plan win and let’s get on with the job.

Part 3 is scary. It contrasts the oligarchs from the UK and USA to China. So, who are the Western oligarchs? I think they are the officials of the United Nations.


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    Jeremy Beck


    The Hells Gates dam is the main dam that Dr Bradfield proposed in his scheme, but others are required. Canals and tunnels are also required to divert water. There’s also a Clarence River scheme that would divert water over the Great Dividing Range in northern NSW. Then there’s the Reid Scheme designed by the Scottish-born engineer Lewis Beaton Sangster Reid, which would send flood waters from the Walsh, Tate Lynd, Einasleigh, Etheridge and Gilbert Rivers to inland Australian via a long canal.
    The UN has corrupt bodies such as the IPCC, but not everyone in the UN is bad. Prof. Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on torture has done good work in fighting for justice for Julian Assange.

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