All Naked Chickens Step Between These Boots

Written by Joseph A Olson, PE

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When Joseph Stalin first consolidated his grip on the Russian military he was still faced with a large defiant population.  This dictator gathered his generals in a room and explained his plans for total control of the still proud Russian people.

After explaining, several generals who were brave enough to question this totalitarian, asked how the military was going to force submission.

Dear Uncle Joe ordered a live chicken to be brought to the conference room and proceeded to pluck every feather from the still live bird.  Naturally the chicken was unhappy about this overt invasion of his privacy, but chicken squawks are seldom noticed.  When the bird was completely stripped, Uncle Joe said, “Now watch this”.

Stalin stood in an area where all of his generals had a clear view and placed the chicken on the floor.  One would think that the instant that this naked bird could flee there would be a mad dash for the exit or farthest corner of the room.  The stunned generals watched as this chicken huddled between Stalin’s boots.  Uncle Joe walked around the room with the chicken in his shadow.  At every stop the naked bird jumped between the dictator’s boots.

“That gentlemen, is how I will control the Russian people” Stalin bellowed to remove any remaining doubt.  Realizing they had a very large chicken to pluck these generals set about their task.  Thirty million beaten, starved or murdered ‘chicken feathers’ later the naked Russian survivors of this purge huddled between Uncle Joe’s boots.

Most humans who study the actions of Earth’s most evil do so with the intention to do everything possible to prevent those past horrors.  The elitists study past horrors to expand on the successes and avoid the failures in hopes of filling their mattresses with fresh feathers and to laugh at the number of naked chickens they could someday have between their boots.

Hopefully the elitist have been stalled, short of their global goal.  With no global tax to fund their global government and global armies, then global domination can be placed in the same dustbin with other failed Reichs of olde.  This unexpected collapse has left a lot of damage to be sorted in its wake.

The Green Glove of Stalinism

No true tyrant would dirty his naked hands with the foul feathers of a barn yard fowl.  For that, a tyrant would use gloves, nice green ‘environmental’ gloves.  A tyrant’s glove would have fancy scenes of wildlife, forests and mountain peaks free of any trace of humanity.  These velvet green gloves would have a useless fringe of felonious academic credibility.

As this green glove has been exposed there is a reason why the useless fringe of Climatology has been largely silent, for many have finally realized that they have been patsies in an intentional fraud.  This is a fraud centered at the most senior levels of their discipline, and knowingly and willing participated in by their leaders.  This fraud is so apparent that it can never be denied.

This fraud demands that Climatology be removed from the family of science and placed on the other side of the college with the Arts.  Baking souffles and fashioning paper maché is more attuned with their demonstrated skill at baking climate records and fashioning math models.  With all of the textbooks and doctoral thesis paper to be turned to pulp, it is obvious that they will have plenty of raw material for their new Art degrees.

Not all of the climate fraud material should be recycled for objects d’art or for use as toilet paper, for some should be preserved as an eternal reminder of how close errant science came to destroying all of humanity.  This is the real lesson from this madness that no future generation should be allowed to forget.

One unintended consequence of honest scientists examining fraudulent science is that other ‘unnoticed’ relationships become apparent.  This emerging science is now proving the old phrase about higher education.  Those in higher education keep learning more and more, about less and less, until they finally know everything about nothing.  This is new science that these great minds would never find.

Meet Your New Best Friends, the Archaea Family

One would think there could be no more settled science than biology.  The clearly visible plants and animals were profoundly changed in September, 1665 when the Leonardo de Vinci of England, Robert Hooke published his blockbuster book Micrographia. Multi-celled and single-celled life structures had just been discovered, but the detailed pen and ink illustrations, produced by woodcut prints made this science book second in sales only to the Bible.

As the science of genetics advanced it became apparent that RNA differences between single and multi-celled organisms demanded separation.  Biologists made the split between ‘Bacteria’ and ‘Eukaryota’ in the mid ‘60s.  Image the unsettling effect of the announcement less than a decade later that there were in fact TWO DISTINCT FAMILIES OF SINGLE CELLED LIFE.

The RNA of this new family and its method of metabolism were radically different from bacteria.  These single celled organisms live in the most extreme of all Earth environments from -1.8o C to 100o C.  Their habitats include deep ocean thermal vents, hot water geysers and the digestion tracts of cattle and termites.

These micro-organisms are abundant in the Antarctic and are fed by ‘elemental compounds’ produced by Earth’s fission and described in this author’s chapter in the newly released book, “Slaying the Sky Dragon”.  Those who purchase the eBook version will receive a limited time free volume two version with additional information on this new science.

There are 15 isotopes of Carbon just a few of the defects in using Carbon 14 as a dating method were exposed in my article “The Proxy Crock Memos”.  More detail is provided in volume two of the Slayers book and more will be revealed in the very near future.  We are in an exciting time for truth.  A rapidly expanding group of scientist have discovered the key to our shackles of enforced stupidity and are now freeing science.

Once science is free, we will free all of humanity.  The shackles that have bound us have been fashioned with the aid of one branch of science.  If you feel my comments against Climatology are extreme, consider what implementation of their proclaimed solution to this non-existent problem would have caused for all humanity.

It has been over one year since the ClimateGate emails disclosed the total fraud perpetrated by the leaders of Climatology.  Where are the mass condemnations, the hearings, the debates, the sanctions ?  The deafening silence is an indictment for a totally corrupt branch of science, with just a few outspoken exceptions.

This science problem will not be ignored and the solutions are proposed in my article “End of the World as You KNOW It”.  The silence comes from the over 700 scientists that have been government funded mouthpieces for this fraud.  This group is still in denial over their duplicity, but their sheepish behavior is undeniable.

The entire current world crisis is the out of control inertia of a maniacal monopolist dream from a century ago.  Determined to shape a world for their exclusive benefit, they have had to deal with the set-backs of unintended consequences.  One danger was that their lobotomy victim might awaken from the media induced consumption comma before the procedure was complete.

That New World Order nightmare is unfolding.  As you stand at the airport security checkpoint to have a few more of your feathers plucked, you might reflect on how much more freedom you are willing to sacrifice for the elite’s security.  Science will continue to push back the frontiers of ignorance and to expose the evil of this world’s elite.  We are determined to prevent a naked humanity huddling between these tyrants’ feet.



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    Joseph Olson


    There is NO difference between communism, fascism, marxism, nazism, progressivism or socialism > they are all REBRANDED FEUDALISM. Feudalists have been at war with humanity for eternity. Expanding monopoly control over all resources is key to control, and extermination of unwanted portions of humanity. The trifecta of energy control LIES are Carbon climate forcing, sustainable green energy and peak oil. End feudalism now.

    “Becoming A TOTAL Earth Science Skeptic” > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com

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    Judy Ryan


    Joseph Olson, you write beautifully about horrific things. Pls put me on your list for both versions of the Ebook ‘The Dragon Slayer’ I never read the original, but I definitely want to now. One question I have is, are there any reference links to Stalin’s horrific chicken story?

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    Marjorie Curtis


    I have never understood how evil men like Stalin was not assassinated during his career. None of these awful people were. Maybe chickens don’t have pistols? Actually, some people may not know that Stalin was a student in a Georgian Orthodox Christian seminary, before he became a Bolshevik.. I can just imagine how, if he had become a priest, he would have kept his congregation under control.

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