Demand a real Murray-Darling solution

Written by Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary Citizens Electoral Council

Below the line is a factoral account on the history of the  disasterous beurocratic interference via the Murray-Darling Baisin plan. The MDB plan  has cost the livelihoods of many farmers; and  rising numbers of those farmers have committed suicide. The only editorial change I have made is to move one of Topher’s videos to the start of the article.

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Mass Climate Hypnosis

Written by Posted by Judy Ryan for Tony Heller

Below the line is another excellent video by Tony Heller. It focuses on comparing statements and photographs from archived newspapers to the alarmist statements and graphics imaginatively produced by the taxpayer-funded Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Shame on those pseudo-scientists.   The taxpayer-funded ABC is its complicit partner in crime. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. How much more do we put up with before we defund them both.

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Climate Scientist Michael Mann to be prosecuted.

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Subscriber,
We, in Australia, are in awe of the mammoth work of John O’Sullivan and Tim Ball. Finally, their 9 year perseverance is paying off. The prominent climate alarmist pseudo-scientist, Michael Mann, is soon to be facing charges of Academic fraud. We plan to follow suit in Australia asap.

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Can anyone understand the IPCC’s Greenhouse Gas Explanation?

Written by Posted by Judy Ryan for John Elliston

Below the line is an image with its explanatory text from some of the  IPCC’s versions of the Greenhouse Effect . It does not make sense and appears to contradict the 2nd law of thermodynamics.The important thing to note are the  two different temperatures at different altitudes. My understanding from reading Johns full paper is that to overcome this inconvenient thermodynamic law the climate alarmists must have introduced  the concept of ‘forcings’.  But, I could be wrong. I welcome anyone to comment. I think that John will be available to answer any questions and send you the full paper.

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Bushfire Sense

Written by Viv Forbes  

Australia is a land of deserts, droughts, floods, bushfires, flammable forests and fire-prone grasslands – these conditions have developed since the start of the Holocene Warm Era about twelve thousand years ago.

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How to identify Crime in the Carbon Trading ‘Business’.

Written by posted by Judy Ryan

Below the line is a 3-4 minute video that addresses the white-collar crimes that abound in organisations involved in the misnomered carbon trading business. I say misnomered, because it is really the fraudulent demonisation of the life essential gas CO2 being recycled back into the atmoshere via the combustion of a fossil fuel to produce electricity.

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Time to hold Lysenkolike pseudo-scientists accountable.

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

Below the line is a public email that I sent to Emeritus Professor Will Steffen today. I think the title is self-explanatory. Email links for Drs, David Karoly, Leslie Hughes and Tim Flannery were openly .copied in. About 5,000 other recipients were BCCd. That group included politicians, media and alarmist organizations/individuals.

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Polar bears thriving in spite of climate change

Written by Helen Buyniski, at Real Truth website

The REAL inconvenient truth: Polar bears thriving in spite of climate change, but saying this gets scientists fired

Polar bears have become the poster child for climate change, their population supposedly devastated by shrinking ice cover. But when one zoologist disproved the myth, she came under the inquisition of the climate church.

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I’m in the Red and so are you:

Written by provided by Viv Forbes

Below the read more line is an excellent 3-minute video which illustrates the trillions of dollars rich oligarchs, rentseeking ‘renewables’ wannabe entrepreneurs,  Lysenkolike academic fraudsters and their complicit malfeasant governments are extracting from the public purse. This is our hard-earned money they are frittering away.

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