The Genocidal Roots Of The Green New Deal

Written by Matthew Ehret

Prince Charles (above) has just given the world 18 months to save the worldOver the past years, the prince and his father (among other inbred aristocrats of Europe) have taken an incredible interest in the safety of the earth from the pollution emitting machines who greedily consume and reproduce without any consideration for Mother Gaia.

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Why do some politicians have addiction and mental problems?

Written by Posted by Judy Ryan from 9 News


The answer to the title question is that many people have addiction and mental problems. The research shows that, depending on the severity of their problem, they are unable to perform in the work place and many other social setting.

Therefore the question that arises is; Why are politicians any different?

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The supposed ‘Killer Heatwave’ in Britain

Written by Paul Homewood

Australia's Deadly Heatwaves Are Only Getting Worse ...

There have been several reports about a “killer heatwave” in the UK, such as this one: 

We are told that six have now died. But every single one have been due to swimming accidents. Of course, people go swimming when the sun comes out, but these unfortunate deaths have no more to do with “heatwaves”, than they do with “water” 

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The Dam Plan Failure

Written by Viv Forbes, Executive Director, The Saltbush Club  

Turnbull wants national review of Murray Darling Basin ...

Principia Scientific Australia

11 July 2019 

“The Malcolm Turnbull Murray Darling Basin plan has failed and must be abolished.

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Greens senator insulting One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

This is how the Green Party senators behave in Australia’s parliament. Here is senator Janet Price behaving like a degenerate, delinquent teenager as One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts speaks sensibly.

You won’t see this Leftie misbehaviour on the taxpayer funded ABC or SBS either. Thank you Rowan Dean and Sky News.

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Rising Sea Levels – The Climate Debate

Written by Daniel Fitzhenry – Hydrographic Surveyor

The seas and oceans to the east of Australia forms the largest body of water on Earth.  This broadly connected vast body of water presents a genuine sea level.  The Sydney Fort Denison Recording Station provides stable, accurate and genuine mean sea level data.

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Is this evidence of academic fraud by Dr David Karoly?

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

This public email was sent to Dr Karoly at the CSIRO. Several thousand were bcc’d in. Dr Curtis and I firmly believe that the public letter is a powerful tool for distributing information to open minded, independent thinking people.
Dear Professor Karoly,
We watched you recently on Auntie ABC QandA with Tony Jones and other panel members. You stated that Alan Jones 2GB was incorrect  when he said only 3% of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was caused by human activity. Alan Jones was correct. Look it up.

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Shadow Flicker from Wind Turbines

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

Shadow flicker is the flickering effect caused when rotating wind turbine blades periodically cast shadows through constrained openings such as the windows. Some of us will have experienced shadow flicker. It is very unpleasant. I experience it every time I catch the bus from Canberra to Sydney when the bus goes along a stretch of road where there is sunlight behind the trees lining  the road. It makes me nauseous and I have to close my eyes. Even that doesn’t always work. Other passengers also complain of nausea. However, at least its from natural environmental effects. However, research shows that cows on misnomered  wind farms, yield significantly less milk. In many parts of the world people are suffering the negative health effects also. Let’s not have any more here. Below are three short videos demonstrating shadow flicker.

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