Cold Comfort

Written by Viv Forbes


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An analysis of COVID19 deaths in Sweden and the UK.

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

The short video below the line comes from Tony Heller’s site.  The accompanying article is Tony’s interpretation of how herd immunity is working in Sweden. Sweden decided to have virtually no lockdown or self-isolation policies for the supposed COVID19 pandemic. The hypothesis was that the Swedish people would develop herd immunity before the death rate became significantly higher than other european nations which had imposed lockdown laws. Below the line is my comparative analysis of the COVID19 deaths in Sweden and the UK.

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The State of Victoria misinterprets COVID19 data.

Written by Albert Parker and Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

Below the line is the robust evidence that the Covid19 ‘pandemic’ is a pseudo-scientific scam based on the same principles as the climate change scam. That principle being to ignore the massive source population where the cases occur. By only counting cases they enlarge an issue entirely out of proportion. Please read and forward it to your politician.

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Is the Royal Commission into Australia’s Devastating Bushfires just a Farce?

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

Below the line is a public letter I sent to the Convenor of the Royal Commission into Australia’s recent, devastating bushfires. Many of us wrote submissions to the inquiry. I wrote two submissions. The first addressed the obvious corruption at Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology.  The historical evidence shows it faked its data to support the political global warming agendas of the Rudd, Gillard, Turnbull governments of the time.

My second submission was on behalf of an aviation refueler who wished to remain anonymous. Now the RC is well underway. It has managed to complete the calling of its witnesses for the actual firefighting aerial services in just one day.  Consequently, I do not have confidence that they have contacted the aviation refueler on whose behalf I acted. That is the reason I wrote the public letter. I openly copied in 16 of Australia’s largest MSM outlets. I think that our taxpayer-funded Royal Commissioners should practice due diligence when conducting their inquires. I invite the Convenor to respond to my question

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Greenplate Effect – It Does Not Happen Proof No 2

Written by Geraint Hughes

Dear Reader,

Below the line is the most robust experimental evidence yet to disprove the greenhouse gas effect. It is on the PSI international site and there are many complimentary comments attesting to its validity,ie the ability to replicate it. We have put it up on the Australian site to invite comments from the Australian readers. We challenge anyone to prove this experiment invalid.

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Why did the Aussie BoM lower the average temperature for Australia in the 30’s?

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Do Reader,
Below the line is a public letter that I and Dr M Curtis sent to some of the climate alarmist pseudoscientists at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The principal recipients were Drs. K. Braganza and R Coleman, the CEO, and media contacts for the BoM and CSIRO.  It provides evidence of corruption at one of our Government-funded ‘Scientific Institutions ‘. I have presented the evidence in the form of a short downloadable movie. I hope you can open it.

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