UN Report: Julian Assange Has Been Subjected To Torture

Written by Joe Martino

According to UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer, WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has been subjected to “psychological torture” and his due process rights have been “systematically violated” by all the states involved in his incarceration.

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Telegraph Publishes Fake Claims From XR Supporter

Written by Paul Homewood




The Telegraph printed the above letter from an XR supporter yesterday, containing some utterly absurd claims. In particular these claims:

“The Government upped its subsidies to big oil to £2 billion this year while reducing subsidies to sustainable energy to £700,000”

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NIST Jenga Game

Written by Joseph A Olson, PE

Jenga is a stacked wooden block game for arrested development drunks, where three block rows are stacked in alternate layers and drunks take turns pulling out a block until the loser pulls the critical element causing the stack failure.

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The Relationship Between Mid-Ocean Spreading Zone Seismic Activity and Global Temperatures Remains Strong Through 2018

Written by Arthur Viterito College of Southern Maryland (retired)

Abstract: In this short communication, the relationship between mid-ocean seismic activity and global temperatures is extended through 2018. As in previous studies, the relationship remains strong and is statistically significant. Regional disparities in mid-ocean seismic activity are emerging and will be monitored going forward.

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Clear the Air With Calm

Written by Chris Kenny

Trump: She seems like a very happy girl
Don’t worry, kids; the world is in better shape than you may think. A speech’s quality is in the eyes and ears of the beholder. Even the pithy power of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address received mixed reviews, so that a century later some newspapers retracted their criticisms and recognised their misjudgments.

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Written by Viv Forbes

They planned the Land of Make Believe. They wanted water without building dams, cheap reliable electricity without using coal or gas or nuclear power, transport without using petrol or diesel, food without farmers or fishermen, employment without factories, metals and motor fuels without refineries and bridges and buildings without cement and steel.

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Time to Hear from Sensible Adults

Written by Viv Forbes

Why Greta Thunberg doesn't deserve a Nobel - spiked

Climate alarm has fractured western societies into four main groups – the Silent Majority, the Red Green-ants, the Noisy Street Children, and the Wise Elders.

The Silent Majority do the work of the nation. They pay the nation’s bills and taxes and only make their presence felt at election time.

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