Climate Activists Ignore China & India

Written by OAN

Have you noticed how deranged climate activists are strangely keeping out of the debate the truly shocking high polluting nations, China and India?

It seems the focus is always on those first world, English-speaking nations to ‘set the example’ and destroy our economies instead.

So, it is for those who question this bias that the video below will be of much interest:

China and India Have World’s Deadliest Air Pollution

According to Health Effects Institute (HEI), a Boston-based non-profit organization that specializes in studying health effects as a result of pollution, in its “State of Global Air, 2017: A Special Report on Global Exposure to Air Pollution and its Disease Burden”  India and China have the deadliest air pollution in the world.

The study reveals that air pollution has caused over 4.2 million early deaths across the globe in 2015, out of which India and China alone accounted for 25.7 percent and 26.1 percent respectively.



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