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Covid-19 and the Unnecessary High Cost of Electricity

Written by Judy Ryan for Andrew Chapman

Dear Reader,

Below the line is a letter from civil engineer Andrew Chapman to the PM. Andrew argues the case for the removal of all renewals targets. I have attached  today’s % and MW graphs for wind as one example of the madness that surrounds us. The black line is the actual electricity used by the grid over the time period.

Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister

C/o Parliament House Canberra

Dear Prime Minister,


The Australian Government has acted to reduce the speed of spread of Covid-19. The economic ramifications of the adopted measures are enormous and require further action to assist people and businesses now and also assist recovery.

My expertise is as a Civil Engineer with considerable experience in the public and private sectors. I have worked is design, construction, planning and management in resource and manufacturing industries and commerce throughout Australia and South East Asia.  This work has included economic analysis and modeling.

The most important matter yet to be addressed in the current crisis, and essential to assist recovery is the high cost of electricity that burdens industry, commerce and domestic consumers.  Electricity is a component of everything we do and produce and its unjustifiable high cost permeates all parts of society.  In the workplace this excessive cost burdens the resource industry, manufacturing and service industries, retailing, transport, schools, hospitals, restaurants, trades and offices etc.  When people arrive home from work they are confronted with overpriced electricity in their domestic life.  This excessive cost comes from the unreliable wind and solar generated electricity and required additional transmission networks to pick up the dispersed generators.  The reason why this has occurred is that Australian Governments have contrived mandated renewable energy targets that force unreliable high-cost electricity on industry, commerce and domestic consumers.  The lack of reliable power generators requires that some major and vital industries are shut down during power shortages.  The evidence of this massive failure is there for all to see.

Renewable energy scheme architects Greg Hunt MP now Minister for Health and Josh Frydenberg MP now Treasurer must accept that the renewable energy targets need to be removed now to assist those most in need and to enable the best opportunity for Australia’s economic recovery.  The removal of mandated “renewable energy” schemes to enable the cost of electricity to be reduced is essential for the future health, wellbeing and economic survival of all Australians.

In the national interest remove the mandated renewable energy targets and provide the necessary economic conditions to enable a proliferation of low cost electricity generators.

Yours faithfully

Andrew E. Chapman

Civil Engineer




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    Judy Ryan


    The % graph above explains the grid damaging volatility and wastage of wind power as, despite what they say, energy cannot be stored.

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    The letter is good.
    If I have a criticism it needs a short summary to increase the chance of it being read by the PM or close advisor.

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    To ensure that the PM does receive something and that it is on the public record that he has received go to the PM’s department contact page and find his proforma. So copy and paste this letter into the form and click send.

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    All you need to do to ensure that the PM receives a letter is go to the PM department and look for contact. you can then copy and paste this letter into the form and click send.

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