Educating MP Trent Zimmerman re Democracy

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

On 6th June 2019 Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis sent the public letter shown  below to MP Trent Zimmerman. Copies  went to all the Media and Liberal Coalition politicians.

Dear MP  Trent Zimmerman,
We write to express our concern that you may be compromising Australia’s fragile representative democracy, just as it is re-strengthening. The current issue is that you accuse senator Jim Molan of dishonourable behaviour because he apparently encouraged voters to vote below the line. This is after you and other NSW pre-selectors demoted him  to 4th position on the ballot card.  nsw state governmnet puts molan in unwinnablw spot on the ballot card   In fact, the record indicates that dishonourable behaviour by you  and your collaborators under the lookalike labor Turnbull government may have provoked a move from left to centre right, within the Federal Liberal party. Of course, it wasn’t the politicians themselves who moved. It was the voters who said no to socialism under a Labor government and no to socialism under the cohort of ideological socialists who were attempting to take over the liberal party
Therefore, good on Jim Molan for educating Australians on how to control the preferences system in Australia. Your attempts to ban candidates who encourage below the line voting will fail. The fact is that the people are realising that voting above the line diminishes the power of their vote and that there can be unfortunate, unintended consequences. That is why there are now some groups of concerned citizens who are educating  these people on how to make their vote count.  We at PSI Australia are proud to be one of those groups.
Further, it seems that the results of the election  indicate that the pledges of conservative candidates, like Jim Molan, resonate with the voters in nearly all parts of Australia.
Maybe the two most important issues were:
1 Border security and Immigration. Maybe the Australian voters think that only those who place the Australian constitutional law about all other law should be permitted to live in our  democratic nation.
2 Climate Change’ Maybe the majority of Australian voters realise that, with its macabre, delusional demonisation of a life essential atmospheric gas  CO2, it’s nothing more than an out of control politically driven scam orchestrated by the UN. The evidence indicates that it began with Lysenko-like academic fraud which has been aided and abetted by political malfeasance. The Australian tax payer, along with those in other Western Nations have been the victims in this sinister global redistribution of wealth.
However, on May 18th 2019  the majority of Australian voters said NO to rule from afar and guess what, we are part of a global trend.
 Therefore, for the sake of our national democracy i.e rule by the majority, you will have to accept the situation as it is  MP Zimmerman; and be grateful.
Thank you for your time in reading this
Respectfully Yours
Dr Judy Ryan and Dr Marjorie Curtis WWWeb of Independent Scientists.
Below is MP Zimmerman’s somewhat qualified unreserved  apology.
We the Australian voters need to protect our right to vote below the line in Federal and State elections.