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Electric Vehicles will ‘take off’on Australia’s beautiful Coal

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

It is only three days since I took delivery of my beautiful red  EV hatchback. It has all the mod cons like driver assist, navigation, fold in mirrors, etc.etc. See picture below.


It also warns me when I am approaching a speed detection camera and advises me re the speed limit. The socialist ACT government is not going to like that. However, when you compare the detrimental health effects of smelly petrol to no emissions coal-fired power even the nay-sayers have to concede that the EV is better than the petrol-driven vehicle.

Seriously though, I think that, with the right marketing, the EV will quickly become the preferred choice for daily commuting, either for a single person or, as the second vehicle for the family.

My EV cost just under A$ 48,000. But, I calculate that I will save about A$16,000 in fuel costs over 10 years. Its range is 270km between charges. Therefore, with my driving profile, I probably won’t have to recharge for at least 10 days. I will simply plug it into my normal voltage domestic powerpoint in the evening and Australia’s beautiful, affordable off-peak coal will recharge the battery overnight.

All those who don’t believe that CO2 is a non-toxic trace gas in the atmosphere will want to argue that building an EV produces masses of CO2. So what! It’s not coal or CO2 that damages human health. It is petroleum.

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    judy Ryan


    It is now the 21st of September and my lovely car is having its first 12 hour trickle charge. Australia’s affordable, reliable coal will recharge the battery to 100% by 5.00 am then my beautiful hatchback will stop accepting power from the grid and will be ready to me to drive for another 2 weeks. Also, fortunately, it won’t let me drive away while it is still plugged in. How good is that!

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