Is James Cook University a vexatious litigator?

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,
Recently Professor Peter Ridd was awarded 1.2 Million to be paid by James Cook University   JCU says it’s going to appeal the decision. But, we at PSI predict that they will lose and that JCU is misusing taxpayers money. Feel free to add your comments below the letter.

Dear Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor
James Cook University
We write to strongly recommend that you desist from your futile vexatious litigation against professor Peter Ridd. We realize that you assume you have unlimited funds to pay for this litigation via taxpayer’s money. We also realize that you are still attempting to wear him down and drive him into poverty using our money. WE object. Do you not realize that, what the evidence indicates is the fraudulent pseudo-scientific demonization of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide, has finally failed. 
We, the Independent scientists, have been fighting this Lysenkolike academic fraud for decades. We will now commence the equivalent of the Nuremberg trials. We are actually quite nice people and not litigiously inclined. However, when Lysenkolike  Michael Mann in Canada launched his vexatious, litigious tirade against Dr. Tim Ball, a founding member of PSI-International, We had no choice other than to go to court. After the nine-year multimillion-dollar trial proceedings We have won. Therefore, a legal precedent for future trials has been set.
In conclusion, is there is anything that we have said in this email that you think is untrue please respond. It is important that you do as this letter may become evidence in a court of law.
Respectfully yours
Dr. Judy Ryan
AD and Editor PSI-Australia
WWWeb of Independent Scientists
The Advance Australia Movement
World Council for Nature
Affiliated With
Charles Camenzuli
Citizens Electoral Council
Dr David Evans
Principia Scientific-International
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The Carbon Sense Coalition
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As truly independent scientists we will always debate the Science. However, we are united in our recognition and rejection of the politically driven post-normal science (such as climate alarmism)

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    John O'Sullivan


    It is worth pointing out that as a consequence of Tim Ball’s epic legal victory over data fraudster, Michael Mann, PSI is actively engaging with new partners to put in place additional resources to provide legal assistance to scientists, like Tim Ball and Peter Ridd, who are unjustly persecuted by vexatious litigants.

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    En Passant


    John Sullivan:
    It is JAMES Cook ‘University’, not John. John Cook was the twerp who produced the ‘97% of pseudo-scientific frauds agree …’ con.

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      Judy Ryan


      Thank you for the correction

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    Marjorie Curtis


    I just wish that the late, great, Bob Carter had lived long enough to have been vindicated like Peter Ridd. James Cook University should, somehow be made to understand that they cannot treat their best academics in this way. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

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    Peter C


    James Cook University vs Professor Peter Ridd

    The Honourable Dan Tehan, Minister for Education,
    23 September 2019

    Dear Minister,

    James Cook University has announced that they will appeal the judgement in which it was found that they unlawfully sacked Professor Ridd, losing on all 20 points of the judgement.

    It seems that they have learned nothing, nor understood anything about the importance of Academic Free Speech.

    Professor Ridd was making important points about the validity of Barrier Reef Science. If he is correct Australian citizens and Agriculture in Queensland will not pay a massive penalty to prevent a Non Existent Problem. Surely we need to hear these arguments, not have them suppressed by easily offended academics and University Councils.

    The Ministry of Education has responsibility for funding our Universities. I do not think that they should spend our money pursuing Professor Ridd any further. Why should they be entitled to do that? Would you please intervene now and ask the Vice Chancellor and the Council why they think their decision to appeal is appropriate?

    Yours Sincerely.
    Peter C

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