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Is there Violence and Criminal Branch Stacking in Australian States and Councils?

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan for Lex Stewart, President of Australians for Honest Elections

Dear Reader,

Below the line are some evidence-based items attesting to, what I interpret as criminal behavior by certain individuals in the Australian Labor Party.




In the Werriwa by-election in 2005, I prayed and asked God to reveal to me if there was any Vote Fraud

About 10am on the Saturday election day, I was handing out How-to-Vote (HTV) leaflets and I saw a man take the ALP HTV from a person near me.  When I offered him my HTV he verbally abused me, and so I remembered his distinctive appearance.  

At lunchtime I delivered lunch in an Esky to my wife who was working on another polling booth.  I put the Esky down on the ground and, on lifting up my eyes, I saw this same man with distinctive appearance right in front of me walking out of that polling booth.

For the person’s protection, I use the codename “Belinda”.  I saw the damaged fragments on the ground of an assault on the house, and at another time the person was severely physically assaulted by ALP thugs, by persons known to Belinda.

On the Tuesday after the by-election, by God’s sovereignty I happened to meet this person:

I said, “On Saturday I saw a person voting twice – once at my polling booth, then when I delivered lunch to my wife at another polling booth.”
Belinda said, “We used to do that all the time when I was in the ALP.  Sussex Street HQ would give us a list of 600 names, and there was a group of us, at least a dozen, perhaps 20, and we would go from polling booth to polling booth, voting in different names.  Sometimes we didn’t even bother finishing the list, and by mid-afternoon we would all go to the pub.”

I asked who in Sussex St was involved and Belinda named 5 or 6 names of whom I can reliably remember only Eric Roozendahl and Mark Arbib.

I said, “But this is a safe ALP seat!
Belinda said, “So what?
I said, “But how often did this happen? Only federal elections? or State elections too?
Belinda said, “Federal elections, State elections, Council elections.  It’s been happening for 10 to 15 years that I know of.  And we never got caught or questioned.”

If the ALP does the above organised vote frauds habitually in a safe ALP seat, then what would they do in a marginal seat in which they are spending lots of money campaigning?

600 extra votes means $3000 of electoral funding in a federal election and more funding in a State election.

If that same sort of thing happens in every federal electorate (and why wouldn’t it?!) and in every State election, then

  • the ALP is receiving almost a MILLION DOLLARS per year of electoral funding to which they are not entitled, plus 
  • those false names (thousands of them) can be moved from safe seats to marginal seats to swing the result to the ALP.


ISSUE    huge discrepancies in the Electoral Rolls mean lack of Integrity

An extract from Official Committee Hansard  


Conduct of the 2013 federal election and matters related thereto


“ CHAIR (Mr Tony Smith): I declare open today’s public hearing of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters inquiring into the 2013 federal election ….

ROGERS, Mr Thomas, Acting Electoral Commissioner, Australian Electoral Commission

Mr Rogers:  Thank you, Chair and members …..  

Page 3:- …. Yesterday the committee asked the New South Wales state manager, Mr Orr, for information on roll divergence in New South Wales.  I have with me information by State on the divergence, and I am happy to discuss this with this committee.   

But, as an example, in New South Wales as at 30 September 2014 there were 139,898 more electors on the New South Wales state roll than the federal roll.  

And there were also 102,427 electors enrolled at different addresses.  As you can see from this example, the divergence is a very significant issue …. ”

COMMENTS by Lex Stewart, President of Australians for Honest Elections :-

The NSW Electoral Roll for the 28/3/15 election contained 5,040,662 entries  

This “divergence” between the two Rolls of 139,898 was therefore 2.8%

 “very significant” is a euphemism for ‘disgraceful’ !  

The AEC also admitted that this “divergence” was higher than it had ever been !

The discrepancy of 102,427 on both Rolls but at different addresses was 2.0%

The divergence plus the discrepancy add up to 242,325 or 4.8% of the Roll ! 

Is it suspicious that such a record amount of divergence-plus-discrepancy occurred only a short time before the NSW State election ?

How reliable could the result of the 2015 NSW State election have been, based on such deficient Electoral Rolls ?

The total of 242,325 is an average of 2,594 per 93 State electorates

Many seats are won or lost by margins of less than 1,000 votes

How many seats were swung by bogus votes from bogus enrolments?

On page 15 of this Hansard, they quoted the figures for Victoria:-

  • 53,664 persons on the federal Roll, but not on the Vic State Roll !
  • 41,754 persons on the Vic State Roll, but not on the federal Roll
  • 128,000 electors on BOTH Rolls, but at DIFFERENT addresses

And for WA:

  • 30,769 persons on the federal Roll, but not on the WA State Roll !
  • 51,654 electors on BOTH Rolls, but at DIFFERENT addresses


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    Robert Beatty


    This issue is critical to our understanding of democracy. The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters has failed to fix the many problems brought to their attention over the years which raises the question: Why?
    My contribution to the debate, which analysed publicly available information for 2007 and 2010 federal elections, is at http://www.bosmin.com/ICS/FederalElections07-10.pdf The report concluded there was a strong possibility that the 2010 federal election resulted in the Labor Party gaining government, contrary to the wishes of the electorate. This conclusion was based on the available multiple voting statistics, which was of limited value, because it did/does not record those who voted more than twice. The multiple voting statistics have become increasingly difficult/impossible to obtain, and certainly not within the time frame required to lodge an electoral objection.
    The report includes; “Corangamite has 182 polling places and returned 126 Multiple Letters in 2007 and 137 in 2010. In 2010 the seat was won by 771 votes. Since the number of repeats are not recorded, it is possible for the winning margin to represent a cabal of corrupt voters casting at seven or more polling places – being sufficient to change the outcome. Similarly in Hasluck, a cabal lodging an average of eight multiple votes spread over 29 polling places could change the result. There are an average of 56 poling places available at each of the 40 electorates carrying margins of less than 5%.” The report recommended:
    * 8.1 Make photo identification compulsory at all voting booths, or supply registered voters with optional bar code ID.
    * 8.2  Provide real time updates for roll mark off at all polling stations, and quarantine votes with photo identification recorded from electors previously listed as “marked off”.
    * 8.3  Commission Australia Post to keep and update the electoral rolls. Start by requiring all voters to re-register at their local post offices using photo identification, and nominating their preferred polling place.
    * 8.4  Provide online voter registration, certified “how to vote cards”, voting and pass word identification, as an alternative to voting at polling stations.
    * 8.5  Routinely conduct registered post mail-out verification to all electors in the electorates with winning margins of 1.5% or less. In 2010 elections these are: Robertson (NSW), Flynn (Qld), Solomon (NT), Corangamite (Vic), Bass (Tas), Hasluck (WA), Bennelong (NSW), Deakin (Vic), Braddon (Tas), McEwen (Vic), Bowman (Qld), Swan (WA), Dickson (Qld), Herbert (Qld), La Trobe (Vic), Macarthur (NSW), Sturt (SA), Cowper (NSW), and Stirling (WA). Then conduct separate by elections if significant error is detected.
    * 8.6  Extend the multiple vote statistics to include the frequency of multiple voting to all multiples, and make the list publicly available.

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    Thank you Bob for your insightful comment. It is the comments on this that can be used as evidence or as tools for instigating change when the time is right. My opinion is that Queensland and the ACT governments are equally corrupt. I noticed at the last election in the ACT that the early voters showed a marked trend away from the labor and greens, yet magically at 6:00 pm the results changed to equal labor and liberal with the one green having the balance of power. It then stayed the same proportion the whole evening.
    Qld and ACT are up for election in October this year. Let’s try to make as many voters as possible in both of these states aware of the possibility of corruption. I see a role for the public letter here

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    Peter Champness


    That is very disturbing. It is a question that I have asked before, but I did not get as much detail.

    Mattias Gorman is the responsible federal minister. I will write to him.

    • Avatar

      Judy Ryan


      Yes, it is disturbing. I hope everyone starts writing to their federal minister.
      Sometimes I think we would be better off without State Governments. Just the Feds to do the important work and councils to do rates and rubbish. Then the Feds can possibly privatise roads and transport at a national level. Then we would get some uniformity.

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