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Is this evidence of academic fraud by Dr David Karoly?

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

This public email was sent to Dr Karoly at the CSIRO. Several thousand were bcc’d in. Dr Curtis and I firmly believe that the public letter is a powerful tool for distributing information to open minded, independent thinking people.
Dear Professor Karoly,
We watched you recently on Auntie ABC QandA with Tony Jones and other panel members. https://www.msn.com/en-au/video/sport/professor-david-karoly-debunks-alan-jones-point-on-climate-change/vp-AAD0b0y You stated that Alan Jones 2GB was incorrect  when he said only 3% of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was caused by human activity. Alan Jones was correct. Look it up.

As a ‘scientist’ your knowledge off the basic science of  atmospheric gases seems to be  seriously lacking. Also, as any first year stats student can tell you, one should never calculate percentage increase on a fraction of a percent. .04 is 4/100ths of a percentage point. Look it up
However, that is just a minor issue. The major  issue, that has occurred, and is continuing in many western nations is Lysenkolike academic fraud. On this issue we refer you to the email thread between yourself  with Dr Curtis and me. It is on the Galileo website.
Word search on Karoly. It will be the 4th hit, then word search fraud in the 5th email on the list. It was sent 28th March 2014. There is the evidence that while you were the editor of AMOJ you authored then published your own work, as 2nd author, based on BOM data that the evidence shows has been maladjusted.
We warn  that this global Lysenolike scam will crumble.  As it does there will need to be the equivalent of the Nuremberg trials as the people seek retribution. Lysenkolike academic fraudsters and their complicit malfeasant politicians will find themselves on the defence side in a court of law. Further, as the evil Agenda 21 that underpins Lysenkoism and malfeasance is revealed, socialistly biased taxpayer funded media outlets and universities will lose more and more of their funding.
In closing, if there is anything that we have said that you think is untrue then respond to this email by clicking reply all. It is important that you do because this letter may be evidence in a court of law.
Respectfully yours
Dr Judy Ryan and Dr Marjorie Curtis WWWeb of Independent Scientists
The Advance Australia Movement
The Saltbush Club
World Council for Nature
Affiliated With
Charles Camenzuli
Citizens Electoral Council
Dr David Evans