More Real Maths for global COVID19

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

Today I will look at global mortality rates for COVID19. I predict that they will be higher than Australia’s. I think that Australia’a relative isolation from the world plus our predominate living style of, the house and the backyard with the Hills-Hoist and BBQ, will play to our advantage. So let’s find out.

So from this site

We find out that COVID19 deaths are 206,894. The global population is  found at


Now, to do the math

Yes, I can already see that there are only two zeros in front of the digit. The rest of the world will have higher rates of COVID19 than Australia.

Now we look at the odds, or the chance, of dying of COVID 19.

Therfore, globally the chances of dying of COVID19 are 2 out of every one hundred thousand; significantly higher than in Australia.

To conclude, Australia is a lucky country in some ways, but not so lucky in others.