China unchecked in Antarctica

Written by Jackson Gothe-Snape

What is China doing down there? Truth is, we don’t know for sure. Flying high in the skies above Antarctica’s ice in late 2016, the former head of the Australian Antarctic Division was on a spectacular mission.

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Why Climate Bullies Are Anathema To Science

Written by Chris Martz

earth fire disaster

For years now, [man-made] climate change skeptics, like myself have dealt with bullying from people on the AGW side of the argument.
There has been constant bickering back and forth between the two sides, and with the current political madhouse, it hasn’t gotten any better.

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Dear Striking School Children

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

Meet the UK pupils striking against climate change | Tes News

Dear Striking School Children,

We, the Independent Scientists, are from the senior generation. We are about the same age as your own grandparents.  We are proud to have survived long enough to have seen the cycles both of recent climate and cultural themes.

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Has Prime Minister Scott Morrison just revealed his true colours?

Written by Augusto Zimmermann


“Scott Morrison owes an apology to every supporter of his party and to every person in this country who considers him/herself a conservative.”

Scott Morrison says an Australian man massacred worshippers in an act of “extremist right-wing terrorism” which was streamed on the internet.

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Meritocratic Power to the People from Illuminism & Propertarianism

Written by Joseph E Postma

Propertarianism is how you give the power to the people.

This isn’t the “muh power to the people!!” like we have experienced with communism and socialism and predatory capitalism which is merely absolute power to the dictator/corporations and slavery and death for everyone else; this isn’t the power for power’s sake and the power to rule only if you are the perfect political sociopath and psychopath and parasite.

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Time Is Of The Essence – Even In These Varying Times

Written by Dr Klaus L E Kaiser

Electronics for use in a quantum computer

Not only that, the time is getting shorter and – if you believe it – can now even be reversed.

So, if you remember the date – and scroll back to that specific time window — when your hammer hit your thumb instead of the nail, you ought to no longer feel any pain.

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Socialism for Dummies And Nature for the Savvy

Written by Jane ten Brink

Towards a Socialist America | HuffPost

I wrote the following to a friend who is now retired, but who worked for most of his life for the Austrian National Railroad (the ÖBB), an entity that has been strongly governed by socialist thinking.

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Saving the Outback

Written by Robert A. Beatty BE (Minerals) FAusIMM(CP)

ABSTRACT: The report tabulates the drought and flood history of Australia. It suggests engineering techniques which can alleviate the most egregious aspects of these two recurring conditions in the future.

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