Peter Ridd update: James Cook University blows $630,000 on legal fees

Written by John O'Sullivan

On the JoNova blog we read ‘Peter Ridd update: James Cook University wasted $630,000 defending the Bureaucrat Rulers of Science, and plans to appeal.’

Aussie climate researcher, Professor Albert Parker reacted by lamenting:

Australian tax payers fund this ridiculous education indirectly with almost 100 billion dollars per year. As we are 20 million in population, it is $5000 each.”

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The supposed ‘Killer Heatwave’ in Britain

Written by Paul Homewood

Australia's Deadly Heatwaves Are Only Getting Worse ...

There have been several reports about a “killer heatwave” in the UK, such as this one: 

We are told that six have now died. But every single one have been due to swimming accidents. Of course, people go swimming when the sun comes out, but these unfortunate deaths have no more to do with “heatwaves”, than they do with “water” 

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Our Sacred Land?

Written by Viv Forbes  

My wife and I were both born in Australia, as were two children and four grandchildren. Our parents were born in Australia as were all of their parents. And some ancestors go back much further in this land.

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Welcome to utopia

Written by Posted by Judy Ryan

All democratic nations must protect themselves from the excesses of the progressives – watch the video:

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The Dam Plan Failure

Written by Viv Forbes, Executive Director, The Saltbush Club  

Turnbull wants national review of Murray Darling Basin ...

Principia Scientific Australia

11 July 2019 

“The Malcolm Turnbull Murray Darling Basin plan has failed and must be abolished.

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How to Create a Country with no Heart?

Written by Viv Forbes

June 20,2019

What has happened to Australia’s once-bipartisan policies favouring decentralisation? Why is every proposal to develop an outback mine, dam, irrigation scheme or a real power station now labelled “controversial” by the ABC and opposed by the ALP/Greens?

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Climate Alarmists ‘Reinterpret’ Data to Exaggerate Sea Level Rise

Written by James Murphy

Greenland Ice Sheet | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation ...

Climate-change activists parading as scientists are at it again: falsifying data in order to show an alarming rise in sea level in the Indian Ocean.

Australian scientists Dr. Albert Parker and Dr. Clifford Ollier detail the scientific skullduggery of the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL) in their paper entitled “Is the Sea Level Stable at Aden, Yemen?”

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Climate Scientists Caught Tampering With Sea Level Data

Written by Andrew Miller

Fake news 'vaccine' could stop spread of false information ...

The hypothesis of man-made global warming says that when humans burn fossil fuels, the resulting greenhouse gases insulate Earth to an unnatural extent. This allegedly causes the planet to warm, the polar ice caps to melt, and sea levels to rise.

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Former Aussie Deputy PM Exposes The Climate Change Scare

Written by Thomas Lifson

Barnaby Joyce

You’ve probably never heard of Barnaby Joyce, but he has twice been Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, from February 2016 to October 2017 and from December 2017 to February 2018.

During both terms, he served as leader of Oz’s National Party, which frequently allies with the country’s biggest conservative party, called the “Liberal Party.”

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Greens senator insulting One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

This is how the Green Party senators behave in Australia’s parliament. Here is senator Janet Price behaving like a degenerate, delinquent teenager as One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts speaks sensibly.

You won’t see this Leftie misbehaviour on the taxpayer funded ABC or SBS either. Thank you Rowan Dean and Sky News.

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Rising Sea Levels – The Climate Debate

Written by Daniel Fitzhenry – Hydrographic Surveyor

The seas and oceans to the east of Australia forms the largest body of water on Earth.  This broadly connected vast body of water presents a genuine sea level.  The Sydney Fort Denison Recording Station provides stable, accurate and genuine mean sea level data.

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