Feeding the Fat Green Pigs

Written by Viv Forbes  

In the era before coal, oil and electricity, the environment suffered greatly.

Whales were slaughtered for lamp oil; forests were cleared for firewood, mine props, building materials, roofing shingles and sailing masts; London (“The Big Smoke”) and Pittsburgh (“The Smoky City”) were smothered in smog from open fires, charcoal kilns and iron smelters; horses powered public and military transport and city streets were layered with horse manure.

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Alarmism Has Gone Too Far

Written by Viv Forbes

     Youth-led climate protests sweep across Europe | Grist

For over 15 years the global warmists have become progressively more outspoken with their scare stories, and less careful with facts and science.

But their latest tactics of promoting Extinction Hellions and exploiting a teenage Swedish Doomsayer represent alarmist over-reach.

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Reef Authority: Great Barrier Reef In Good Shape, ‘Vibrant’

Written by Graham Lloyd

To Save the Great Barrier Reef, Move It

A Senate estimates committee hearing on Monday heard a downgrading of the reef condition from poor to very poor was a long-term forecast based on no action being taken on climate change.

GBRMPA chief executive Joshua Thomas said the outlook report was an assessment of the likely condition of the reef if a series of issues were not ­addressed.

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Video: The Truth About Extinction Rebellion

Written by John O'Sullivan

Activists of Extinction Rebellion block access around the National Assembly - Teller Report

In the crazy world of climate alarm we can see so many ironies: Canaanites, 600 BC: Let’s sacrifice babies to change the weather. Extinction Rebellion 2019: Let’s sacrifice babies to change the weather.

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I’m in the Red and so are you:

Written by provided by Viv Forbes

Below the read more line is an excellent 3-minute video which illustrates the trillions of dollars rich oligarchs, rentseeking ‘renewables’ wannabe entrepreneurs,  Lysenkolike academic fraudsters and their complicit malfeasant governments are extracting from the public purse. This is our hard-earned money they are frittering away.

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Slaving away for human rights

Written by Tony Thomas

Mauritania in north-west Africa isn’t really a beacon of human rights. Of the 4.5m population, 500,000 are slaves.

Regardless, the UN General Assembly last week installed the military-run Mauritania onto the Human Rights Council (HRC) with 172 votes out of 193 in the secret ballot.

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Sign the Petition before Nov 9th to reenforce your desire for Australia to exit the Paris Agreement

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Independent Thinkers,

Please sign the petition on the link below the line It requests the current Federal Government to re-enforce Australia’s desire to exit the Paris Agreement. If I understand it correctly, it is addressing the injustice forced upon the Australian people by the previous Turnbull Government. From what I understand you don’t have to be an Australian citizen to sign it. So let’s make it a global initiative.

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Why The Global Warming Movement Is Political, Not Scientific

Written by Joel Glass

greta trudeau

In 2004, Al Gore received $30 million from George Soros with the instructions: spread the global warming movement widely throughout the country.

The money was effective, resulted in Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” movie, and the birth of a widespread, multi-tentacled organization.

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Is the Canberra Barr Government naive or malfeasant?

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Below the line is a public letter I sent to the ACT government/council. The issue I address in the letter is energy poverty inflicted on the people under the guise of ‘Renewables’. The evidence shows that the pseudo-scientific  ‘Climate-Change’ hypothesis has been a scam; and it is starting to collapse.  The evidence also  indicates that socialistically inclined States in Australia are either so naive that they are not fit to govern, or they are complicit to Lysenkolike fraud. The Barr Government one of those States. Therefore it is a threat to Australia’s democracy.

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