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Proof that Economic Collapse does not reduce Atmospheric C02

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

Below the line is a link to the work of Joe Bastardi. Thank you to Doug Lavers for providing it. The title is self explanatory and related to COVID19.



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    Judy Ryan


    Please can someone please explain the last sentence in the article. “Only measurements of carbon-14 in CO2 would enable us to cleanly separate fossil sources of CO2 from ecosystem sources and sinks regardless of how variable the latter are”. Why is measuring the carbon-14 component impossible?

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    Robert Beatty


    Several papers mention the carbon 12 and 14 isotopes, and tie atmospheric CO2 retention rates to the relative concentrations. C14 is recent carbon with eight neutrons. C12 is the radioactive decayed form with six neutrons, and therefore the ancient form. CO2 from fossil fuels contains C12, and the ratio C12/C14 has been used as a marker for anthropogenic carbon contribution in the atmosphere.
    However, a Japanese investigation blew this relationship apart when it was showed that termites also produce carbon 12, and it is therefore not necessarily exclusive to fossil fuel combustion.

    The important issue is that CO2 is a very soluble gas and gets rapidly removed from the atmosphere as discussed in “Raining CO2” at https://bosmin.com/PSL/RainingCO2.pdf

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