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PSI-AU Policy For Posting Reader Comments

Moderators are active and will apply this policy consistently in the comment threads below our posted articles.

All comments are subject to moderation: any that violate the site commenting policy will be deleted.

You are responsible for what you post, so please moderate yourself and act responsibly. No vulgarities of any kind are accepted, neither is porn or gaming sites. Moderators who delete any defamatory or libelous comments do so to protect all users.

Off-topic comments may get deleted, for reasons of protecting the conversation that are ON topic. Commenters that routinely seek to lead threads astray with irrelevance or self-promotion may find their posts deleted and their participation terminated,

All deletions/snips are final.  Mass moderation of off-topic or abusive comments in a thread may be employed to save time. Complaining about moderator decisions online are unacceptable and will be deleted.

Trolling, flame-baiting, personal attacks, thread-jacking, abusive name-calling are NOT accepted. Repeatedly linking to a particular blog and use of sockpuppet accounts will also result in a ban.  Please stay with one name for all comments you make to avoid sanction.

Comments coming from proxy servers (to create fake identities) are subject to deletion. Only VALID e-mail addresses are accepted, all others will be deleted. Remember: we might want to contact you for any reason.