Putting recent hurricanes in perspective

Written by Provided by Don Anderson


Putting recent hurricanes in perspective …. in 1900, Galveston went from the 2nd richest city in the US to total obliteration in mere hours.

In what is still the deadliest hurricane in US history, from 27 August and 15 September, between 6,000-12,000 people died (the number most cited in official reports is 8,000).

Galveston 1900

[Image: relief_party_working_at_ave_p_and_tremont_st.jpg]

The good news is that tropical cyclones are showing a diminishing trend, according to the BoM:
Graph showing the number of severe and non-severe tropical cyclones from 1970-2017 which 
have occurred in the Australian region. Severe tropical cyclones are shown here as those with 
a minimum central pressure less than 970 hPa. 


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    OMG Has the Aussie BoM been frightened into telling the truth.

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