Rule from Afar by the UN! “No thanks” Jane

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan

Dear Reader,

Below the line is a letter I wrote on 24th January to  Jane McAdam who is Jane McAdam is Scientia Professor of Law and Director of the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law at UNSW.The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor were also principal recipients. The MSM were openly copied in. The letter raises two issues. First, how the socialistically biased culture of one of Australia’s largest universities can change  a rational, clear thinking, intelligent person into a climate alarmist over time.

Secondly, it raises a very serious question. Can the United Nations overrule Australia’s immigration policies? For the sake of our democracy, I certainly hope not. I thank James Cryer for alerting me to the article in the MSM. I also thank Peta Credlin for discussing this serious issue with other intelligent, knowledgable people on Sky News last night. I also thank ex PM John Howard for stating those famous words so long ago. “We shall decide who comes to our country; and the means by which they come’. I didn’t fully understand it then, but I certainly do now. To all of you who are equally fearful, please write to the PM and request him to get Australia out from rule by afar by the United Nations 

Dear Jane,

We are very disappointed to witness what the historical evidence indicates is a collapse of your scientific integrity over the last ten years.

We note your article in the Sydney Morning Herald 20th January 2020. “Climate refugees cannot be forced back home”. Below are some extracts from it. 

“In a landmark decision, the UN Human Rights Committee has found it is unlawful for governments to send people back to countries where climate change impacts expose people to life-threatening risks or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. It has taken 25 years of case law to get to this point”.


This is the first time the UN Human Rights Committee has expressly acknowledged that human rights law prohibits governments from sending people to places where they face a real risk of life-threatening or serious harm from the adverse impacts of climate change. 


The decision is not legally binding but the international legal obligations on which it is based are.

Now we refer you to what you wrote 10ish years ago.

(To see the article from October 2010 in full size; left or right click and open  the image in a new window).

There are some comments below the article. We invite you to add your own comment of explanation. We also invite you to ‘reply all’ to this public email with your explanation of your transformation from a climate realist into a climate alarmist.  If you ignore our evidence-based letter, then all that we have stated above stands as the unchallenged truth. I, Dr. Judy Ryan, will swear to that truth before almighty God in any court of law.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Judy Ryan

AD and Editor Principia Scientifica Institution Australia

Dr. Marjorie Curtis

Worldwide Web of Independent Scientists

PS We the PSI team are doing quite well in the legal arena. To synthesis for you, Michael Mann, the author of the infamous Hockey Stick graph,  has been convicted of contempt of court for not providing the data to support his work. The evidence indicates that he declined because it would reveal his Lysenkolike data manipulation. The Principia Scientific Institution lawyers are now preparing to prosecute Michael Mann for fraud.

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    Robert Beatty


    Hi Judy,
    I am reminded of advice from Newt Gingrich “free enterprise is in a fight to the death with progressives”.
    Dr Tim Ball has won one of many battles that need to be won in support of free enterprise ideals.
    You too are playing your part with this type of ‘applied’ intercourse.

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    Aert Driessen


    Thanks Judy for carrying the torch. I do feel comforted by the likes of you and Marjorie pushing back on behalf of the quiet majority. Keep up the good work.

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