Shadow Flicker from Wind Turbines

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

Shadow flicker is the flickering effect caused when rotating wind turbine blades periodically cast shadows through constrained openings such as the windows. Some of us will have experienced shadow flicker. It is very unpleasant. I experience it every time I catch the bus from Canberra to Sydney when the bus goes along a stretch of road where there is sunlight behind the trees lining  the road. It makes me nauseous and I have to close my eyes. Even that doesn’t always work. Other passengers also complain of nausea. However, at least its from natural environmental effects. However, research shows that cows on misnomered  wind farms, yield significantly less milk. In many parts of the world people are suffering the negative health effects also. Let’s not have any more here. Below are three short videos demonstrating shadow flicker.