Telegraph Publishes Fake Claims From XR Supporter

Written by Paul Homewood



The Telegraph printed the above letter from an XR supporter yesterday, containing some utterly absurd claims. In particular these claims:

“The Government upped its subsidies to big oil to £2 billion this year while reducing subsidies to sustainable energy to £700,000”

Really? What subsidies to Big Oil? Last year, far from receiving subsidies, UK oil and gas producers paid £1.9bn in taxes:


As the government points out, North Sea oil and gas producers pay an effective rate of 40% corporation tax on all profits, which compares to a normal rate of 19% for other companies. In other words, Big Oil pays more than double the usual rate:


It is true that there has been a rebate on Petroleum Revenue Tax, amounting to £744 million last year. But this relates to decommissioning costs, which are deductible against taxes already paid on earlier profits.

As for renewable subsidies, laughingly put at just £700,000, the OBR tell us that they will cost £11.4bn this year (that is excluding CRC and Warm Home Discount):


How the hell this pathetic letter got past the Telegraph letters editor beats me. It is one thing allowing controversial opinions to be aired, but quite another allowing blatantly incorrect “facts” to be published in support of them.

I can only assume the editor actually assumed they must be true. If so, the mass indoctrination of the public by the climate charlatans appears to be even more successful than I thought.

I have written a letter to the Telegraph, outlining the true facts. Whether this gets published, we will have to wait and see.

BTW – I suspect that the idiot Tom Hardy may be heavily involved in XR, and not just the member of the public implied in the letter.


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