The El Paso and Christchurch Shootings: The Ecofascist Connection

Written by William Walter Kay BA LL B

On March 15, 2019, 28-year-old Brenton Tarrant attacked a mosque and Islamic centre in Christchurch, New Zealand with a semi-automatic rifle; killing 51 and injuring 50.

On August 3, 2019, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius attacked a Wal-Mart crowded with Latino shoppers in El Paso, Texas with a semi-automatic rifle; killing 22, injuring 24.

Both men posted manifestos.

In three places in his 87-page The Great Replacement Tarrant self-defines as ecofascist; to wit:

I mostly agree with Sir Oswald Mosely and consider myself Eco-fascist.”

Unity Mitford-Hitler’s groupie | History of Sorts

The manifesto bandies eco-clichés:

Rampant urbanization and industrialization, ever expanding cities and shrinking forests, a complete removal of man from nature, with obvious results.”

A section titled: “Green nationalism is the only true nationalism” concludes: “There is no traditionalism without environmentalism.” Another section argues for protective tariffs around “environmentally conscious” societies. An overarching concern is:

The environment is being destroyed by overpopulation.”

Tarrant’s logical conclusion:

Kill the invaders. Kill overpopulation and by doing so save the environment.”

Crusius’s four-page The Inconvenient Truth is a hat-tip to Al Gore that praises Tarrant. Crusius rails against: water pollution, resource overharvesting, inadequate recycling, urban sprawl and consumerism. According to Crusius:

“…our lifestyle is destroying the environment of our country. The decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden on future generations.”

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The environment is getting worse by the year.”

He lays much blame on overpopulation; specifically immigration, hence:

…the next logical step is decreasing the number of people in America using resources. If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable.”

Such views are not “fringe” environmentalism. While Big Green currently downplays the issue many enviro-organizations keep overpopulation phobias alive. Several million Europeans and Anglo-Americans belong to groups that contend Earth and/or their homelands are dangerously overpopulated.From Malthus to Mifepristone: A Primer on the Population ...

While the following abridgement of: Traditional Population Control Advocacy from: From Malthus to Mifepristone: A Primer on the Population Control Movement focuses on the US scene; similar milieus exist across Europe and the Anglosphere.


Virginia-based Negative Population Growth (NPG) has 5 employees and 25,000 dues-paying members. NPG claims overpopulation is the main threat facing Earth and its climate. They believe America’s existing population outstrips its natural carrying capacity. They convey their demands for stark reductions in immigration via radio and TV appearances and in ads in mainstream publications. NPG distributes “teachers’ packets” and “student fact sheets.”

In 1999 NPG published The Population-Environment Connection: Who Makes It? to survey enviro-org positions on population. Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Defense Fund, League of Conservation Voters and National Audubon Society identified overpopulation as a primary environmental problem. National Wilderness Federation and Wilderness Society declared immigration to be a problem; the latter calling for reduced immigration.

From its 1892 inception to the mid-1970s, the Sierra Club remained programmatically Malthusian and hostile to immigration. The Club financed and publicized Paul Ehrlich’s Population Bomb (1968).

Williams: The Great Population Hoax Turns 50

In the 1970s, anti-immigration zealot John Tanton chaired Sierra Club’s Population Committee. Tanton, an ophthalmologist and ardent conservationist, founded a Michigan-area Sierra Club chapter. (He later founded Scenic Michigan.) An outspoken eugenicist, Tanton also established a Planned Parenthood chapter.

Frustrated with what he perceived to be the Club’s wishy-washy immigration stance, Tanton launched Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) in 1979. He briefly led Zero Population Growth and co-founded Numbers USA. Tanton feared Hispanics were overrunning America.

In the 1990s Sierra Club’s anti-immigrant faction (Tanton acolytes) attempted to take over the board. Failing in this coup, the faction then forced a Club-wide petition on immigration; losing by a 2-to-1 margin.

In 2004 Sierrans for US Population Stabilization made another assault on the Club’s board, but were again defeated 2-to-1. Club execs accused the anti-immigrant faction of white supremacism.

While Sierra Club is now pro-immigration and even endorses amnesty for illegal aliens, it remains committed to population stabilization. The Club considers population and environment intrinsically linked. They fret about overpopulation in the developing world and the leveling-off of US contraceptive use. They claim that filling unmet needs for contraception would do more to protect the climate than preventing deforestation.

Tanton’s brainchild, FAIR, draws 90% of its $13 million annual revenues from 50 foundations. FAIR employs 28 staff and claims 1.9 million members. While FAIR’s opposition to immigration is explicitly environmentalist; FAIR gives equal attention to immigrant-related crime and fiscal burdens. Prominent on FAIR’s board is Planned Parenthood, and Population Institute, director Sarah Epstein.

The anti-immigration Numbers USA claims millions of members. Co-founder Roy Beck, one of America’s leading enviro-journalists, received awards from the EPA and Izaak Walton League; and has been guest speaker at Society of Environmental Journalists conventions. Beck is a specialist on, and opponent of, urban sprawl. He co-founded Numbers USA because he believed: “the country’s environmental goals could not be achieved without reducing immigration.”

Population Connection (PC, formerly Zero Population Growth) boasts 500,000 supporters; annual revenues of $12 million; and 41 employees. In 2017 PC’s 725 workshops trained 12,380 school teachers in “pop-ed.” PC annually inserts scores of articles and editorials in outlets like: New York Times, National Public Radio, and Thompson Reuters. PC’s Chair is one of several Enviro-Science professors on PC’s board. Joining them is a Planned Parenthood exec.

Trump offers Planned Parenthood funds if it halts ...

Worldwatch Institute (WI) promotes sustainable development and renewable energy. WI founder, Lester Brown, was a population hawk, as is WI Senior Fellow and former president, Robert Engelman. WI has annual revenues of $3.2 million and 20 employees. WI has published many books including several on overpopulation. WI’s website regularly runs population articles. WI accepts as gospel the I = PAT equation: environmental (I)mpact equals (P)opulation times (A)ffluence times (T)echnology.

Population controls’ upper echelon – Population Action International (PAI), Population Association of America (PAA), Population Reference Bureau (PRB) and Population Council – eschew publicity.

PAI began in 1965 as the Population Crisis Committee, an astonishingly influential and militantly Malthusian cabal. Presently, PAI has annual budgets of $8 million and 34 employees.

PAA was inaugurated in 1930 by eugenicist supremo Henry Pratt Fairchild. Today PAA’s 3,000 members function partly as academic fellowship and partly as political lobby. PAA reps provide Congressional testimony. PAA publishes: Demography, Applied Demography, and PAA Affairs.

PAA and PRB shared office space in the 1930s when the unapologetically racist Guy Irving Burch ran PRB. Today PRB employs 64 staff and has annual revenues of $8 million. PRB generates statistical and demographic evidence of overpopulation’s dangers and disseminates this data to select audiences and policymakers. PRB trains and supports journalists; furnishing them with handy “population data sheets.”

After overpopulation obsessive John D. Rockefeller III (picture, right) founded Population Council John D. Rockefeller IIIin 1952 it spawned innumerable publications and organizations; notably the International Committee for Contraceptive Research. Today, the Council has annual revenues of $76 million. Green colossus, NRDC, is represented on the Council’s board.

Small eco-pop groups abound:

Population Communication is a research/advocacy NGO highlighting population pressures on wildlife and the environment. Their board includes a World Health Organization rep and the head of U of California’s Bixby Center for Population. Their 2003 documentary “No Vacancy” aired on PBS.

Population Institute aims to bring population into balance with a healthy environment and dwindling resource base. They co-organized the 2015 Global Population Speak Out.

Minnesota-based, World Population Balance blames overpopulation for species extinction, resource depletion and climate change.

Having Kids advocates for small families. Their board is stacked with animal rights activists. Founder, Courtney Dillard, formerly co-steered Oxford’s Population Ethics and Policy Centre. Having Kids lobbies and litigates to prohibit “bad” people from having kids.

More culpable are groups like Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) which spends $1 million a year on television and radio commercials; and on social media and micro-marketing initiatives. CAPS’s massive library of population control tomes is open for viewing for their target audience: environmentalist youth. CAPS cooperates with Scientists and Environmentalists for Population Stabilization (SEPS).

With a motto of “think globally, act nationally” SEPS contends the transition to ecological economics requires stringent immigration restriction. SEPS booths have been banned at science conventions for crypto-racist content. SEPS perceives itself a shadow army:

We have many supporters throughout academia, scientific societies, government agencies, legislatures, NGOs, and in the private sector. Many of them feel, however, that they could not allow their support to be public knowledge without social or professional risk.”

Also exuding secrecy is Carrying Capacity Network (CCN), a San Francisco-based information-sharing hub. Contending that overpopulation undermines resource conservation and wilderness preservation, CCN seeks an immediate immigration moratorium. CCN tops include David Pimentel and Virginia Abernathy. Pimentel is a ubiquitous eco-pop activist academic. Abernethy, a denizen of the nativist milieu, self-defines as an ethno-separatist and has been dubbed “the professor of hate.”


David Attenborough at 90: 'I think about my mortality ...

Environmentalists universally decry overpopulation as an existential threat. Environmentalists who are, or were, passionate overpopulation scolds include: Jacques Cousteau, Bill McKibben, Paul Watson, Prince Philip, Lester Brown, James Lovelock, David Suzuki, David Attenborough (picture, above), Ted Turner, Franz Alt, Jane Goodall, Herman Daly, Crispin Tickell et al. These aren’t fringe enviros; they’re mainstream. Mirroring this, population controllers universally claim to be protecting the environment. Population control and environmentalism are one.

Tarrant and Crusius seriously believe Earth, and cherished environs thereon, are being terminally degraded by overpopulation. Groups spreading such absurd beliefs bear some responsibility for Tarrant’s and Crusius’s actions.


Crusius’s Manifesto

Tarrant’s Manifesto

Kay, William. From Malthus to Mifepristone: A Primer on the Population Control Movement


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