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This evidence indicates a wide spread hearing aid scam in Australia

Written by Judy Ryan

As this site “Coming of Age” indicates there appears to be a sophisticated hearing aids scam in Australia. It seems to be targeted against senior citizens, which is logical because as we age our hearing ability declines.  I suspected  that I might be slightly deaf. So, on 15th April when I walked by a free-test clinic in a Canberra shopping centre I decided to find out. “Come in Sucker” is possibly what they thought. I did the 5 minute test which showed that I was profoundly deaf.  The young woman said it was the most bizarre test result she had ever seen (see the results below).


As I am finally about to go on the aged pension she assured me that the hearing aids might even be free, but if not a very reasonable price.  She set up an appointment with the clinician for the following week. I went to that appointment and a young clinician tested my hearing and found me profoundly deaf.

She fitted the hearing aids and everything became wonderfully clear as she walked me through the shopping centre. I was thrilled. I was in the process of waiting for a new Visa card so could not pay the normal way. In a fit of excitement I said I’ll go to the bank and get cash and pay today. They promptly stated that they would give me a very good price . But,in a somewhat dazed state of shock I paid close to $11,500 for my new state of the art hearing aids.


I wore the new hearing aids home but, by the time I got there I had a severe headache. I didn’t know if it was stress or the new hearing aids. So  after a short while I took them out. I visited my GP the next day. She shone her torch into my ear canals and informed me that both of them were totally blocked with solid wax. She also stated that the audiologist  at Bay Audio obviously would have seen the wax and should never have run the test under those conditions.  We both agreed there should be further investigation both into my hearing and their professional clinical practice. For those with a macabre medical interest, below are the wax samples syringed from my ears. First the left,  then the right.









I  expressed my dissatisfaction to the manager and audiologist. They insisted on running another test in a few weeks time. At that next visit the audiologist found that there had been some improvement in my hearing, but I still needed hearing aids. However, they did give me a full refund on the grounds of customer dissatisfaction. Since then I have done a little research. It appears that Bay audio don’t have very good rating reviews.

However, worse than that, they had charged me double the price for the hearing aids as other more reputable hearing aid suppliers charge per pair.

I guess the moral of the story is buyer beware. But if you are scammed don’t be silently embarrassed. Stand up for your rights and expose the corruption so others like you don’t have the same misfortune.