Video:‘Vanishing Ice Most Likely All Natural!’

Written by Gregg Thompson

This is an excellent video that explains how each advance of ice through Earth’s history over the last few thousand years was in sync with very low solar activity that caused higher precipitation due to more cosmic ray showers entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

Cosmic rays from exploding stars across the universe act as charged nuclei which attract water vapour thereby creating more rain and snow. This made glaciers surge over just a hundred years! They extended to the present ocean sea level and further as sea level dropped due to so much water being turned into ice on the tops of mountains.

The more ice there is, the deeper glaciers are and the faster they move. Their immense weight carves away mountain rock faces like it was butter. During the Little Ice Age from the late 1400s to the early 1800s, the entire Rockies in Canada and Alaska were covered in 4,500‘ of ice!

Only the tops of the highest mountains peaked out. When the glaciers reached the ocean, all this water as ice the on land caused sea level to drop. The glaciers then carved out the now dry seafloor forming huge winding river canyons from many of the largest rivers/glaciers. These river canyons are very evident under the ocean on Google Earth.  This was the case globally.

During the periods when the Sun became more active, it warmed the Earth a little and its increased solar wind repelled more cosmic rays thereby reducing precipitation and drying the Earth a little. This caused glaciers to recede significantly over only a hundred years or so and sea level rose to its present level.

In the late 1800’s, it only took 90 years of warming from the Sun when it returned to being active again to melt away all that ice away close to where they have receded to today.

Now that the Sun has entered a very dormant period over the last decade and a half, most glaciers have increased snowfalls and are therefore starting to surge forward. If the Sun remains dormant for even one hundred years, et alone four hundred years as it did in the Little Ice Age after the 1400s, then glaciers will once again surge forward rapidly with many reaching the ocean along the northern Rockies, the southern Andes, New Zealand and elsewhere.

There was no CO2 from fossil fuels being burnt back then at the end of the Little Ice Age because they had not been discovered!  So the retreat of the glaciers at the end of the Little Ice Age was not due to industry producing CO2.

It was purely a natural cycle driven by the Sun – as it has always been. When the Earth experiences major Ice Ages, these are caused by the Earth’s orbit becoming more elliptical than it is at present. This causes it to move further from the Sun making it colder. The changing tilt of its axis also contributes to these natural changes in climate.

What almost no one realizes is that had coal and oil not been discovered when they were, just in time, the world would soon have been denuded of trees, as they were being cut down at an alarming rate across Europe. The major European nations were looking for other lands to conquer to obtain a source of tall, strong timber to build ships, bridges and buildings – and also timber to burning for warmth.

This would have likely produced greater environmental damage than ‘fossil fuels’ could ever have done!

Very few people are aware that around 85% of every product we have in the modern world utilizes derivatives from coal and oil.

They are used for paints, makeup, plastics, furniture, all forms of transportation, white goods, AV equipment, computers, clothing and so and so on.

The modern world would not exist if we were restricted to metals, rock, wood, and animal parts as people were before they came along. Fossil fuels were a godsend to humanity that turned up at just the right time.

Gregg D. Thompson of Brisbane, Australia is an amateur astronomer and the executive director of the Dreamtech Designs and Productions company.


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