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What or who is responsible for the Queensland Bush Fires?

Written by Dr Judy Ryan

Below the line is a letter I sent to the Prime Minister re the recent bush fires in Queensland. All politicians were openly copied in. Also, all Universities and Secondary level schools in NSW and QLD were BCC’d in.

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison,

I agree with you, a hot dry climate does play a role in bush fires. However, unfortunately in these hysterical times, so do arsonists. Those who intentionally light fires need to be held accountable.


However, I also do not trust the taxpayer-funded ABC to report emergencies in an objective and timely manner. The bulk of the evidence indicates that it is malfeasant in performance of its duty to the Australian people.Therefore, why is it taxpayer-funded?

Also, do not trust the taxpayer-funded Bureau of Meteorology to report accurately in an emergency. Remember, the 2011 Wivenhoe dam disaster, where after a period of drought, the flooding rains followed, just as it states in Dorothea Mackellar’s famous poem “My Country”.

 But, the Wivenhoe dam, which was built to catch the overflow from dams upstream, had too much water in it already to perform that role adequately. WHY?  Who is responsible for the four deaths that occurred?  Should the engineers have maintained the water level at a lower height in the preceding weeks?   Did The Australian Bureau of Meteorology not report accurately in the period of time leading up to the emergency?  Did the Queensland Government listen to the alarmist, drought forever, predictions of pseudo-scientists Tim Flannery and David Karoly? Is that why the Queensland Government sold land, that had previously been deemed flood plain area, to their citizens to build houses on?

Now, to return to the present. We request that you, our  Prime Minister; and our courageous  Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton; use our excellent fire investigation service and our police force to enforce the law upon these under-educated juvenile delinquents and their white-collar criminal handlers.


Respectfully Yours

Dr. Judy Ryan

AD and Editor PSI-Australia