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Which was the De-energised State in Australia on 7th July 2019

Written by Viv Forbes and Judy Ryan

Viv’s poem for Principia Scientific Australia

The De-energised State 

 There was a Green State in Australia

Whose energy plans were a failure

When the wind did not blow

And the sun did not glow

Their big battery fell flat as a saviour.

Read below the line for Judy’s interpretation of the data from AEMO for 7th June 2019. Could it be SA or VIC or even NSW that is de-energised.

Here is the energy by source for all states in Australia on the 7th June, 2019.th June, 2019.

Today I will focus my attention on South Australia in my endeavour to determine which State(s) are de-energised? The only states that seem to have excess power are QLD with its beautiful black coal, TAS with its hydro and SA with its gas. As you can see there is hardly any wind in SA today. But look SA managed to store some of that excess power in its battery. In other words it recharged itself. I wonder if that’s a good thing for SA citizens or not! That’s maybe a story for another day.

Let’s look at how the SA wind turbines actually performed today

In megawatt terms it  looks like wind power didn’t come anywhere nearing able to meet grid demands today.

In percentage of capacity terms it all looks a bit of a mess. All it does is raise questions.(1)What happens to all the excess energy produced that  is more than the grid requires at that point in time. (2) Could these large intermittent surges of energy/power explain some of the blackouts that have occurred in South Australia  during the last 12 months? (3) if a grid collapse occurred how long would the Tesla battery be able to keep the lights on in South Australia?