Which was the De-energised State on June 10th 2019?

Written by Viv Forbes and Judy Ryan

Sunshine State Gored

The Priest of Global Warming
Flew in to earn big fees.
He warned of heat waves forming
Unless we grew more trees.

Alas for Big Al’s forecast
The weather did not warm.
Antarctic winds began to blast
And snowy clouds were formed.

So if you’re sick of sunshine
And bored with balmy heat.
Just pay Big Al to wine and dine
You’ll soon have frost and sleet.

Read on to see Judy’s analysis of National and QLD Energy data for June 10th 2019

As you can see from the National data NSW was the most de-energised State on June 10th .It seems to be always NSW that has the biggest shortfall in meeting grid demands.Why would that be?

However, today we are looking at the state of Queensland as Viv’s poem is from that locality.As you can see, black coal kept QLD running on Jun 10th

As you can see wind power provided  close to zero energy

But, look at the volatility and intermittency.

It raises questions .Do all those wind turbines that operate at 100% capacity have to sheave their blades because it’s too windy? Does sheaving the blades draw energy from the grid? If so why is that not shown as operational demand? Does anyone know the answers to these questions?

Now, to look at solar power in Australia’s sunshine state.

It doesn’t look as if solar power is contributing much to the grid either.I also wonder how much the taxpayer pays to subsidise  the  solar factories and rooftop solar.

In closing, I know that there are some very clever people out there. We welcome your comments.