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Your Submission re the RC into Australia’s Recent Bushfires?

Written by Dr. Judy Ryan.

Dear Reader,

Please register your submission to the Royal Commission into Australia’s recent devastating bush-fires before April 4th. There is a golden opportunity in point (h) to expose the maladjusted data and artistic license practiced by our duplicitous Bureau of Meteorology.

All submitters have the choice as to whether their submission can be viewed by the public. I selected YES. Therefore, I am happy to also put it up on the PSI site.


Dear Secretary to the Federal Executive Council,

Please pass my submission to the Executive Councillors for the Royal Commission into the recent devastating bushfires in Australia. I am specifically addressing point (h) below

In the poster linked to below I provide robust evidence of criminal offences by the Lysenkolike ‘scientists’ at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

This poster is easily understood. It simply compares the newspaper weather reports of the time (summer 1931) to the temperature maps retrospectively created by the ‘scientists at the BoM. It has been up on my page of the Galileo website for several years. But, unfortunately, well funded Lysenkolike pseudo-scientists, rich media moguls and their troll-like minions have succeeded, time and time again, in preventing this evidence getting out to the Australian people. Please, executive councilors, help me and the so many other equally honest and brave whistleblowers, to get the evidence-based truth out to the people.

The Lysenkolike fraud is finally crumbling in different parts of the free world. It’s mainly due to the efforts of John O’Sullivan and Tim Ball, both founding members of PSI International.

To synthesise for you, after a nine-year legal battle, where Professor Tim Ball, of PSI-International, was actually the defendant against charges of Libel, he won!

Michael Mann, the author of the infamous alarming Hockey Stick graph has been convicted of contempt of court for not providing the data to support his work. The evidence indicates that Michael Mann declined because it would reveal his Lysenkolike data manipulation. Therefore, as the links below evidence, he chose to pay the million-dollar fine and court costs instead.



https://principia-scientific.org/dr-tim-ball-politicians-ignore-evidence-act- green-dictators/


The PSI-International lawyers are now preparing to charge Michael Mann with fraud. On the basis of the evidence shown above, and so much more, I recommend that we do something similar in Australia. Therefore I request that the executive council expedite the litigation process. It is the only way to end this madness in Australia. Due to the fraud and propaganda promulgated by the BoM we now have mindless minions and arsonists attempting to actualise the BoM’s duplicitous predictions.

I conclude my submission with a plea for us not to have to endure another nine years before justice is served.

Respectfully Yours
Dr. Judy Ryan
Director and Editor
Principia Scientific Institution-Australia

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    Judy Ryan


    Here is the link to the Government portal for submissions to copy and paste into your browser. I found it impossible to paste my text into the text box so I converted my document to a pdf, then attached as the label indicates. That worked well.

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    Uberto Crescenti


    I transmit my submission to the Royal Commission into Australia’s recent devasting bush-fire

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    Judy Ryan


    Good on you Uberto

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